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Are we entering a Renaissance in psychotherapy or descending into the Dark Ages? Something profound seems to be happening but I get mixed signals as to what it is.

Therapy methods previously thought to be securely based on the best evidence are being disparaged — outright trashed. Therapists are urged…

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My Facebook memories of a couple of days ago reminded me that exactly five years ago, I was complaining again in the way that gets me in so much trouble.

This time, I was bothered by therapy training courses that provide downloadable certificates of completion. A framed certificate on the…

GOYA Entierro de la Sardina (Real_Academia_de_Bellas_Artes_de_San_Fernando,_1812–14) Public Domain

I was savagely cybermobbed by Deserae L. Stage, a woman who didn’t know me. Apparently, she was offended by a single tweet I made about a routine political appointment on the eve of President Biden‘s election. …

Samuel Levi Schwarz. My Life by Leon Trotsky, Dutch edition. 1930 (The Memory of the Netherlands. public domain)

It is difficult for targets of cybermobbing to make sense of what is going on, while it is happening. …

New Orleans November 2018 Homeless under Pontchartrain Expressway (Source: Wikimedia)

Anyone who wants to get into a discussion about cancel culture and cybermobbing must contend with a lot of people who will express strong opinions but who have no familiarity with what you are talking about.

Or you must put off a meaningful exchange of ideas until you can resolve…

The Japanese Fleet Sinks Chinese Warships in the Battle of the Yellow Sea (Philadelphia Art Museum, Purchased with funds contributed by Peter A. Benoliel, 1976, in the public domain)

The British Psychological Society proposed a campaign calling for implementing routine screening for psychological risk factors for #LongCOVID in frontline medical settings.

Anyone who was familiar with the relevant scientific literature could see the project should never be attempted and would run into overwhelming obstacles if it were launched.


Charles and Laura Dohm Shields Trade Card Collection (Public Domain)

I discovered an announcement from the British Psychological Society (BPS). The organization was putting a list of campaign themes to a vote by its membership for which themes should be prioritized.

A glance at the title of one of eleven Proposals for the 2022 BPS Senate Policy Campaign confirmed that…

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My searching for information about Stephen Porges and polyvagal theory on the Internet has triggered algorithms that exaggerate my sense of how “big” a phenomenon he is.

Polyvagal theory seems all the rage in mind-body therapies. According to Wikipedia:

Polyvagal theory (poly- “many” + vagal “wandering”) is a collection of…

As told in my last article, I struggled to learn about a woman who was harassing and inciting cybermobbing against me after I tweeted about the qualifications needed for whoever Biden picked to head the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

I found a link to a summary…

Escher Steps Houe Cubism (In the public domain) Max Pixel

I was trying to make sense of a cybermobbing that occurred in response to my single tweet on the eve of the inauguration of President Joseph Biden.

I expressed an opinion in the tweet about the qualifications needed for whoever Biden should appoint to head the Substance Abuse and Mental…

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Socially conscious Clinical Health Psychologist. Skeptic debunking hype and pseudoscience. Defender of freedom of expression without undue fear of reprisal

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